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Workers' Compensation

Financial recovery when injured on the job

From offices located in Anniston, Ala., Patrick P. Hughes represents clients in Calhoun County and throughout Alabama who were injured at their place of work and who are entitled to or have been wrongfully denied their workers' compensation benefits.

Compensation is required by Alabama labor law, but getting it can be hard

Almost all Alabama employers must carry workers' compensation insurance. This requirement is meant to give you the ability to protect your rights and receive compensation if you have been hurt on the job.

Most people think if it is covered by workers' compensation, there will be no problems getting full and fast compensation. That is the intent of the law. Unfortunately, the reality is often different. That is why hiring an Alabama workers' compensation attorney can be critical to your receiving proper benefits in a timely manner.

Do not let them take advantage

Insurance companies and employers may try to take advantage of injured workers by:

  • Denying legitimate claims for medical treatment
  • Discouraging second opinions
  • Undervaluing lost wages
  • Pressuring a worker to return to work prematurely
  • Refusing to accept responsibility for various types of injuries

The reason is money. Insurance providers can lose money if they have to pay out claims. Hence, they may:

  • Use situational interpretations of workers' compensation laws
  • Insist on elaborate and confusing processes to prove how and where you were injured and who was responsible

Consulting an experienced in-state workers' compensation attorney who can guide you through the process and ensure your rights are protected can ultimately make the difference between getting full, fair and timely compensation or having your claim denied.

Fighting for what is legally yours

If you or a family member is having difficulties getting workers' compensation, believe the compensation is inadequate or have had a claim denied, Patrick P. Hughes can help. The law is on your side. Let us help make sure you are treated fairly and in a timely manner.

Serving Alabama individuals and families for more than 30 years

From offices in Anniston, Ala., attorney Patrick P. Hughes serves clients throughout Calhoun County, also including Gadsden, Jacksonville, Oxford, Ragland and Talladega, and across Alabama. When you need help with sensitive family matters, a benefits problem, or virtually any issue that requires legal advice and advocacy, call (256) 237-0428 or contact us online today for a free consultation.