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While there are many lawyers in AL who you can choose to work with for your current legal issues, the fact is that different lawyers specialize in different areas of the law. When you need to find a reputable and experienced lawyer to provide you with assistance with a personal injury matter that is affecting you and your family, Patrick P. Hughes is the attorney to rely on for knowledgeable guidance and support.

For over three decades, Patrick P. Hughes and his legal team have been serving valued clients in the Calhoun County area. This includes residents in Anniston, Oxford, Ragland, Jacksonville and other nearby communities throughout Alabama. This law firm specializes in personal injury matters, and some of the many cases that the firm has assisted clients with include defective products, auto accidents, unsafe workplace conditions, disability insurance issues and more. Whether you are struggling to receive the just compensation that you deserve through disability insurance or you are interested in filing a personal injury lawsuit against an individual or a company, Patrick P. Hughes can help. The first step is to set up an initial consultation with the office. During the initial consultation, you can learn more about your rights and the strength of your case. You can also meet with the attorney in person and learn more about the legal process. This is a great step to take initially before you decide if you want to proceed with your case through the legal system.

There are numerous lawyers in AL who you can work with for various legal matters. However, when you need legal representation and guidance from an attorney who specializes in personal injury matters in Alabama, Patrick P. Hughes is the attorney you can rely on. He and his legal team understand the impact that a personal injury case can have on you and your family, and they will fight for your rights in and out of court to help you preserve your interests and obtain the compensation you deserve. Call the office today to set up an initial consultation and to begin the legal process.

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