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Anniston Alabama Social Security Attorney

Searching for an Anniston Alabama social security attorney is easier than ever thanks to Patrick P. Hughes. Growing up, Hughes watched his father practice law and vowed to one day help people just the way his dad did. After graduating from the University of Alabama School of Law, he decided to return to his roots and practice law in a small town. You can now get his years of experience when you choose him for your social security legal needs.

What is Social Security Law?

Social security law is a specialized practice within the legal field that involves lawyers fighting on behalf of you. When you find yourself injured on the job or injured because of the activities that you do at work, you might discover that you can no longer work. As long as you are without a regular paycheck, you won’t have the chance to do all the things you did before. Who will pay your house payment, your utility bills and cover your grocery bill? It can take years before you settle your claim with the government, but Patrick P. Hughes can make the process go much faster.

Settling Made Easy

When you fight the government on your own, you might find that the agency denies your claims. This can happen for a number of reasons, including errors on your paperwork or your former employer denying that an accident happened. Patrick P. Hughes will fight on behalf of you and help you get the money that you deserve. Even if you filed and received a rejection of your claim in the past, Hughes can still help. As the area’s leading social security lawyer, Hughes helped many people in similar situations get their lives back on track.

Make a Call

If you need an Anniston Alabama social security attorney today, pick up the phone and call Patrick P. Hughes. Hughes isn’t some big city lawyer who only cares about making money; he’s a local man who you can trust. Call the office to schedule an appointment today, or fill out the simple contact information to learn more about how Hughes can fight for you.

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