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Anniston Alabama Social Security Attorney

If you’re looking for a great Anniston Alabama Social Security Attorney, Patrick P. Hughes is the guy you want. He has more than 30 years experience as an Alabama Attorney and his track record is one of success. Patrick Hughes received his law degree from the Alabama School of Law. He went on from there to pursue his dream of practicing as an Anniston attorney. Patrick has handled thousands of cases throughout Alabama and he prides himself on being the most informed and up-to-date attorney in Alabama.

Patrick Hughes is an Anniston Alabama Social Security Attorney, but he also specializes in workers compensation, personal injury and wrongful death claims. He fights for the rights of those who have been wronged and need a fair chance. Patrick Hughes knows all too well, that that the legal process can leave many folks abandoned and confused. He has vowed to never let that happen to any of his clients, and that’s why his success rate is among the highest in the state.

Social security claims can take months or even years in some cases. Patrick understands this claims process, and he won’t let initial claims be rejected without an appeal. Social Security benefits are some of the most important cases to handle. They involve families and loved ones and they can wreak havoc in the wrong hands.

Patrick Hughes wants to make sure all his clients are never worried about the things that are rightfully theirs. He knows you are entitled to these benefits and he is going to make sure you get them. He believes if you are injured, hurt or wronged in any way then you are entitled to compensation. The legal system can be big place, people often get lost in it. Patrick Hughes is here for the folks that might otherwise not have a voice. He believes you should never take no for an answer, he truly is the plaintiffs attorney.

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