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Alabama Attorney Patrick P. Hughes

Wins Cases

Alabama Attorney Patrick P. Hughes is available to work on a variety of legal cases involving workers’ compensation and medical malpractice. Mr. Hughes has handled thousands of cases throughout Calhoun County, Ala., to help clients win the money they deserve after suffering from injuries due to wrongful death and vehicle accidents. After over 30 years of legal practice, Mr. Hughes understands current government eligibility laws concerning winning cases for clients to receive disability payments. Mr. Hughes is a well-known attorney in the local area because he grew up in this geographic region while attending school. He received both his undergraduate and graduate education at the University of Alabama.

Aggressive Representation

As a child, Mr. Hughes was inspired to become an attorney like his father who served in the military. In addition to working full-time in his legal practice, Alabama Attorney Patrick P. Hughes worked for three years as city prosecutor in Anniston, Ala. He belongs to several national and local law associations that provide additional training in new legal practices. Mr. Hughes has experience trying cases in different jurisdictions and has won accolades from his peers concerning his expertise in legal matters and aggressive form of client representation. He specializes in working on cases concerning unsafe work environments and injuries from defective products.

Extensive Experience

Anyone tackling a court case must understand how to complete an assortment of time sensitive paperwork. At the same time, clients require legal representatives who know how to communicate with other attorneys, judges and court staff. Alabama Attorney Patrick P. Hughes has spent numerous years learning and applying his craft in courtrooms to help clients win financial judgments. Mr. Hughes is adept at assisting clients win social security disability and supplemental security income benefits. He also has extensive experience winning settlements concerning wrongful death due to vehicular accidents.

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