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If you have an injury from a work accident, contact Alabama Attorney Patrick P. Hughes for assistance with receiving workers’ compensation from the government. Mr. Hughes is the local expert on laws concerning receiving compensation for personal injuries due to the negligence of others. Individuals living near Anniston, Ala., are fortunate to have access to a professional with over 30 years of experience. In addition to fighting legal cases in various nearby counties, Mr. Hughes was a city prosecutor for three years. The judges in nearby counties including Jacksonville, Ragland and Oxford understand Mr. Hughes has an aggressive method in the courtroom. Seeking financial compensation from government programs requires creating complex documents that pass authorities’ inspection.

Knowledgeable Attorney

Alabama Attorney Patrick P. Hughes has narrowed his legal focus to dealing with courtroom cases involving seeking disability payments from government programs and negligent employers. Anyone attempting approval for admittance to a government program must have a knowledgeable lawyer who understands the steps required to receive assistance. Victims of personal injuries often try to seek compensation on their own by contacting agencies and completing documents. However, when they miss a step or deadline, the government agencies deny the claim. Denial of a social security or workers’ compensation claim can prevent the injured individual from receiving money for medical bills and lost wages.

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Instead of risking a denial of a claim, hire Alabama Attorney Patrick P. Hughes to fight for your rights concerning financial assistance from government programs. Anyone working in the United States pays a portion of their income toward the social security and workers’ compensation program. After receiving a work injury, you deserve the financial assistance available from the government to pay for pain and suffering, living expenses and hospitalization. In many workplace injury cases, an employer will refuse to compensate an employee by claiming they are to blame. Dealing with the legal process of seeking social security disability payments is stressful, time-consuming and complicated for an injured individual. Calling our law office to work on your disability claim is the best way to get money quickly.

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